Earth’s Offerings LLC was created as a solution to the volume of unnatural products on the market. Within the soap and skincare industry, ingredients used in products and labeled as “natural” often negatively impact the environment. We select ingredients that are not only natural and good for the environment, but safe and beneficial for your skin.

Our products are packaged and shipped 100% plastic free in support of our commitment to be eco-friendly, zero-waste. We will continue to seek out post-consumer recycled packaging and will also work to secure organic ingredients, including essential oils, to move our business toward greater sustainability.

Our ethical practices include a commitment to support and uphold our cruelty-free status from Leaping Bunny. Cruelty-free products are healthier and better for your skin, which is why we will only use natural ingredients, never harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes, lathering agents, or preservatives in our products. As a certified cruelty-free company, we will never test products or ingredients on animals and natural ingredients will be sourced from certified cruelty-free businesses when not available locally.

By keeping our business local, we support the small-town and rural economy of the Hudson Valley. Whenever possible we will hire local people and utilize local or regional suppliers and growers for ingredients and materials. In addition, Earth’s Offerings LLC supports local, social and environmental organizations by donating funds and time to causes that resonate with us.