About Us

The journey to becoming a soap maker began after I was given a diagnosis of cancer in December of 2013.  It opened my eyes, pushing me to make better decisions and create a healthier, natural way to care for myself and my family.  Making healthier choices meant using fresh, local produce when it's in season, growing our own herbs and vegetables, and making better selections in our choice of skincare.

While researching several soap and skincare products, I was amazed at how many detergents and harsh irritants were in the products we used daily.  Even more startling was learning how few natural ingredients were actually in the “natural” products on the market, and how many of those ingredients were synthesized in a lab and labeled as "nature identical" rather than harvested naturally.  So, I began researching further and learning how to make soap naturally.

Our family and friends were the best test group for those first few batches, and I learned so much.  Although it wasn’t always easy, I was determined to stay true to creating natural products and have been creating natural soap following the traditional cold process method for more than 5 years.

Cold process soap making allows us to control the ingredients we use, ensuring our products are kind to your skin and the environment.  Since those early days, we've worked hard to master this method, and despite a few failures, we were never deterred.  We've had a lot of practice and believe we've created a unique and luxurious formula that's kind to your skin and the environment.  

We're passionate about creating natural healthy skincare and protecting the planet.  So, we source sustainable and ethically harvested natural ingredients from local growers, and companies who are eco-friendly and certified cruelty-free.  

Every aspect of our business centers around natural skincare, so our name had to reflect what we do.  Since we use only natural ingredients offered by the earth, Earth's Offerings was the perfect choice.   

Giving back to others is equally important and a portion of our soaps are donated to several domestic abuse and homeless shelters every year.

In March of 2019, we opened our first retail shop, and have our products in several amazing businesses throughout the Hudson Valley.  But our journey to getting where we are wouldn't have been possible without you.  You supported and believed in us along the way, and it's been an honor to share this journey with you!