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Handmade Soap & Bath Products

Our unique handcrafted soaps and bath products will cleanse and moisturize with gentle ingredients including soothing oils, exfoliating clays, herbs, and fragrant essential oils, offering you a beautiful solution in skin care.

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Fragrant Moods

Fragrant Moods

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when the air is filled with the scent of lavender? The smell of warm apples and cinnamon may make you t...


Soaps are amazing, they smell great and moisturize the skin, unlike many store bought soaps.

Bri Esterdahl

It's great. It smells good and is great for my skin plus none of the extra stuff you find in store bought soaps.

Gabby Esterdahl

I love the Lavender Body Butter! It leaves your skin so soft and smells so good!

Joan England