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Pink Peony Body Scrub

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Our whipped Pink Peony Body Scrub is a fragrant blend of cassis, bergamot, lemon, rhododenron, honey, peony and white musk offering a soft, floral scent. Coconut Oil and Shea Butter nourish and moisturize your skin with raw cane sugar, kaolin clay and rose clay to gently exfoliate your skin, revealing a healthy, radiant glow. 

Be careful not to get water in your scrub as we do not use preservatives. Using a wooden spoon (included in your order) to apply your scrub reduces the risk of water entering the jar, prolonging the life of your body scrub. Use caution when exiting the bath as the natural oils and butters in our scrubs may make it slippery.

Body scrubs may settle or melt during shipment in the warmer weather, but are safe to use. Upon receiving your scrub, place it in a cool, dry location then stir gently to refresh.

To use, apply the scrub to wet skin in a circular motion using gentle pressure. Rinse off with lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry. Use caution when exiting the bath as the oils in our scrubs may make it slippery. Over exfoliating may damage your skin which is why we recommend using salt scrubs once a week while sugar scrubs are gentle enough for daily use. Your body scrub has a shelf life of 6 - 12 months and should be stored in a dry location at room temperature. 

Keep your skin hydrated after using a scrub by applying an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.


Organic Cane Sugar, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oil, Kaolin Clay, Rose Clay

Net Wt. 8.0 oz. | 226g

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