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Meet the Family

Life at our country cabin can be hectic at times between running a business and balancing household tasks, I also have 5 wonderful "kids" that keep me busy. But let me tell you about my "crew".

We aren't the typical family by any means. Our "kids" don't need back-to-school supplies or go to soccer games, there are no play dates or trips to the mall. Our juggling comes in the form of who's going to puppy class or who wants to go swimming in the stream; and of course, everyone wants to go for a ride. If you haven't guessed it by now, our "kids" are our beautiful and loving family of dogs.

Our home is filled with several English Mastiffs and a wonderful Cavalier-Cocker mix. Needless to say we see a herd of elephants and a very small mouse every day, but they get along well and make every day an adventure. It's not unusual to be in the studio making soaps and find them all cuddling together in the doorway making sure everything goes well. Then again they may just be waiting for the treats that come after I'm done. 

In the meantime, we'll continue with the endless job of walks, brushing, hugs and love that we wouldn't trade for anything. 

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