Fragrant Moods

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when the air is filled with the scent of lavender? The smell of warm apples and cinnamon may make you think of home during the holidays or you are reminded of spring when the fragrance of lilac is in the air. Some scents make us smile, others comfort and relax us.

Over the years research has shown that specific essential oils seem to reduce stress while others tend to energize with an overall improvement of 40% in mood when people were exposed to pleasant scents. 

You might choose lavender, vanilla or orange blossom if you're searching for a soothing scent or frankincense, patchouli or sandalwood might illicit an increase in confidence.

Today's markets offer products with floral, earthy or herbal fragrances - to name a few; and we tend to attach these scents to certain moods. It impacts our choices when making a purchase for perfumes or cosmetics, including soap and skincare products.

My fragrance selections are based on the mood I'm seeking to achieve in the final product. Finding the perfect combination of visual appeal and scent to capture these feelings can be challenging, but surprisingly satisfying when it finally comes together.

So, the next time you make a product selection, ask yourself how much the fragrance was a factor in your decision. It might surprise you to learn how much your product choices are based on "fragrant moods."

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